Sketchbooking Course

The Sketch-booking course started this term and is designed to assist learners in developing skills in idea development and research that can be utilized in their creative practice on other courses or in their own work. Using a sketchbook is a skill used by creative practitioners across the creative industries and supports your work in a unique and special way, come and find out how!

What this terms learners are saying:

Using a  sketchbook to develop a drawing and painting daily practice has helped me understand my inner artist self

I have used what in this class in my other classes as a foundation.

The class helped me overcome my fear of drawing

We’ve learnt lots of useful skills alongside developing our own style.

I finally understand what a sketchbook is really for…. Understanding me!! 

The course runs on a Wednesday evening with tutor Dolly Tompsett and is taking enrollments for after Christmas NOW!!


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