Creative Writing – Flash Fiction

Here is an excellent piece of “Flash Fiction” from Veronica Poku. Veronica is a learner of the creative writing course here at WMC.


“As I turned onto my street, I noticed the police cars surrounding my house. My heart dropped as if I had gone over a dip in the road, driving my car too fast. Then it started to beat – rapidly. I felt a rising sense of panic begin to swamp me as I stood rooted to the spot. Dear God, not Sarah! Please not Sarah! From being fixed, as in aspic, mesmerized by the oscillating flashing blue light, I ran towards them. I could hear the sound of my shoes pounding on the ground as I raced, terrified, to the spot. Fear clutched hold of me, digging its nails into my mind so I couldn’t think straight. I pushed through the crowd, gawkers so rapt at the thought of seeing someone else’s misery, they seemed to just step aside. The front door was open and I could see the back of Sarah’s head, bowed as she knelt on the floor. I could her the sirens of the ambulance as it came up the street mixed with a sound that made my blood curdle. A strange animal keening sound was coming from Sarah. Oh my God! Sarah, are you hurt? I shouted rushing to her. Arms out to hold her and protect her. She turned around, eyes red, face warped with anguish. And then I stopped, as if slammed up against a brick wall. At her knees, I lay, staring up at nothing.”