Lockdown Prompt Week 1

For the first weekly WMCollege Drawing and Painting prompt we will be Looking out the Window! Artists have often used windows as an opportunity to frame their view of the world. You can use just a pen or pencil or venture in to colour if you have paints of coloured pencils available. Don’t worry about using special paper, even a sketch on the back of an envelope is a piece of art!

Try first drawing the frame of the window, fill the paper you are using or the whole page of a sketchbook. Make the window as big as possible! 

Notice the structure of the window. What are the shapes on the frame? Can you see the wood grain? How many panes of glass are there? Can you see any fastenings or hinges?  

Once you have drawn the frame then turn your attention to what you can see through the window. Make sure you draw wat you can see, not what you know is there. If an object is cut off by the frame notice at what point that happens, halfway up the frame? Or near the bottom? If you can see plants or foliage notice the texture of the growth, do not just fill it in with scribbles, try and make your marks in the same pattern as the plant. Pointy leaves need pointy marks. 

Lots of artists have used the window as starting point for their art. Here are some examples to inspire this weeks work.

Pierre Bonnard. The Window 1918-1920
Raoul Dufy Open Window at Saint-Jeannet c.1926–7
Anthony Eyton Open Window, Spitalfields 1976–81

If you would like to share you work with others please send an image to annas@wmcollege.ac.uk and we will include it in next weeks posts.

Foundation Haikus

Some Haikus written by the foundation at the end fo the first half term.

Sunlight wore facemask,

when I came in summertime.

Let´s cross the darkside!

it is far better

than being home all day long

i’m enjoying it

Corona is around us

But we are safe in college

We can create now

working men’s is home

the vibrancy is striking

idea is here

Put your face mask on,

Somehow theres paint in my hair,

paper is magic.

Exploring art and

Meeting new people through masks,

has become normal

working mens college,

i was first apprehensive,

now yes, i’m in love

Foundation End Of Year

This year the Foundation Art and Design End of Year show has moved online and can be viewed here: https://wmcfad685429670.wordpress.com/

The normal Private View event was replaced by a Zoom Call with staff and learners and prizes were awarded for

Studentship Award – for excellent commitment , application and development though the course ​

Peer support champion – For supporting their peers in the studio​

Lockdown superstars – for continued creative development and engagement during the lockdown.

Lock-Down Superstar: ​ Karolis Altukavicius

Lock-Down Superstar: Vanessa Soria Lima

Peer Support Champion:​ Phil Dunn