Lockdown Prompt 5

For this weeks prompt try drawing the same thing over and over again! it sounds boring but as you repeat your drawing of an object you will begin to understand its structure more, be able to vary and experiment with your drawing techniques. Try different materials and stop worrying if the image is “correct”, it doesn’t matter!! you’ve got loads of drawings of the thing!!

Try a Cup or Mug, a house plant or shoe. don’t try anything too complicated and a stand along object is best, that way you can move it around to draw different views of it. try and fill at least one sketchbook page with drawings of one thing that you do in once day, or longer!!

Famous artists ahve often revisited the same object over and over, practicing their skills and managing to show different emotions and mods in images of the same object.

Monnets haystacks

Cezannes Apples

As ever, if you ahve any work you are doing in Lockdown and would like to share on this blog, just email it in to annas@wmcollege.ac.uk