Feast Creative Poster Porject

The Visual Communications learners on the Foundation Diploma in art and design have been working on a live brief set by Simon Williams from Feast Creative. Feast Creative are a local design company working just round the corner from the college who work within the theatre industry producing posters and other marketing images. You may well recognize their work from “The Cursed Child” the recent Harry Potter production!

Simon visited the college and gave the learners a brief to produce a poster for one of two productions: Pygmalion or Macbeth, he then returned to do a critique with the group half way through and then again for the final presentations.

“Feast were delighted to be involved in a hands on project with the WMC Foundation Course students.

We were really pleased with the creative solutions that the students came up with for the theatre poster project. It was impressive to see the transition from their early sketches and ideas through to the final poster visuals and how they took on the constructive guidance we gave during the midway feedback sessions. Excellent work.”

Ex-student is in the top 50 exciting new artists in Europe list!!


9. Hannah Black (Born Manchester. Lives and works in Berlin)
Chisenhale have just announced a new commission and first solo institutional show for the artist/ writer/ theorist, and not a moment too soon: it feels like Black’s omnipresent already, on the page, online, and in the gallery. To get the ball rolling, there was her much-tweeted review of the 9th Berlin Biennale in Artforum and fall screenings of her film works at the New Museum in NY. Over the summer at a performance event at the ICA she released the character Anxietina who is “transformed by the power of anxiety” into, “a force for simultaneous good and evil”: a perfect character for our times, then.unspecified-1-3

Ex learner in Major Show

Our very own Hannah Black, alumni from the Foundation Diploma Art and Design is the Wondering/Wilding show at IMT this month, go and check her out!!


The Wandering/WILDING: Blackness on the Internet group exhibition is on at London’s IMT Gallery, opening November 3 and running to December 11.

IMT has invited New York-based artist and writer Legacy Russell and features work by Niv Acosta, Evan Ifekoya, E. Jane, Devin Kenny, Fannie Sosa, Tabita Rezaire and Hannah Black. The exhibition brings work together that is currently exploring “race via the the material of the Internet” and is a response to Doreen St. Félix‘s essay ‘The Peril of Black Mobility’.

The title alludes to the identity of the flâneur, a term coined by Baudelaire that refererd to “a roving soul in search of a body” and situates “a spotlight on the privileged white body that Baudelaire’s ‘roving soul’ has historically inhabited. Here, the panel asks: what can the Internet do for the black flâneur?”

Related events to this programme include Technology Now: Blackness on the Internet at London’s ICA, which will host a discussion between Rizvana Bradley, Taylor Le Melle, Derica Shields and moderated by Russell.

Niv Acosta will perform Clapback at IMT on December 1; first premiered early this year at KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin.

Evan Ifekoya and Ain Bailey will be in conversation at the ICA on December 9.

See the IMT Gallery website for details.**


Foundation Making and Thinking Day

Following on from last weeks Drawing task the Foundation learners created large scale sculptures, and then one Huge sculpture in the Maurice Hall

Photography Opportunity


An amazing opportunity for all our Photography students! please let us know if you enter, we love to know when you get involved.

Do you have a keen eye for photography?  If so, then enter AoC’s Student Photographer of the Year competition.

This year’s theme is ‘How colleges change lives’.

Show how much this means to you so we can see your expression and emotion in the photograph.  Do this through your use of composition, techniques, light and colour, direction of light, depth of field or leading lines.

The competition is open to all AoC member college photography students.


The prizes to be won this year are: 1st Prize – SLR camera | 2nd Prize – £200 | 3rd Prize – £100

Closing date:  Friday 7 October 2016. Finalists will be notified shortly after the closing date.