The Big Draw – London life

The Big Draw: Exploring London Life though Art

On Saturday 16th February 2019 local Camden residents and college learners were invited to come and join Foundation Diploma and Childcare learners in the production of a huge collaborative drawing depicting London life in all its diversity. This event was part of the International Big Draw festival ((click here for more Big Draw info)

The piece starts at the top with prominent and well known London landmarks, what everyone would think of when thinking of London, but then moves down in to local landmarks and portraits of individual’s living spaces: Our local London. The image finishes with self-portraits of the participants showing the range of individuals who make up London Life at the college.

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the final piece close up:


and some pictures from the day:

The Big Draw Drawing

As part of WMC’s involvement in the Big Draw Festival this year ( The Foundation Diploma in Art and Design and Level 1 In drawing Painting and Mixed media have collaborated on a large scale portrait of the college for display in our 3rd floor Gallery. Both courses begin with an exploration of mark making and this was a brilliant opportunity for learners to show off their skills!


We are very proud to announce that Annie-Marie Akussah, alumni from The WMC foundation Art and Design Course, has been selected for the New Contemporaries exhibition.

Annie-Marie says:

“Attending Working Mens College was the best decision I made right after sixth form . The foundation course steered me the right way and gave me a strong foundation for my career. I am grateful to all my Tutors, technicians and course mates who made my experience. I was encouraged to experiment and try different things on the course and that has strengthened my practice whiles at University.”

you can see here work here:




Hannah Black – WMC Alumni

Hannah Black graduated from the Adult Access to Art and Design at WMC in 2010 (the precursor to the current Art and Design Foundation Diploma) since then she has gone on to  received a Masters of Fine Arts in Art Writing from Goldsmiths and From 2013-2014, she was a studio participant in the Whitney Independent Study Program in New York. According to Hatty Nestor in Art in America:

“Hannah Black’s practice deals primarily with issues of global capitalism, feminist theory, the body and sociopolitical spaces of control.”

She is represented by the London Gallery Arcadia Missa.

Hannah has recently had a very successful solo show at the Chisnhale Gallery in London and is being included in top 10 lists of artists to watch out for.  Of her experience at WMC Hannah says:

“The course is a very liberating and interesting experience especially because it’s outside the usual art school norms and everyone who makes it possible should be very proud of what they have created, Clare (Law, foundation Fine Art Tutor) is a wonderful special teacher and her patience and insight changed my life”


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Foundation 2 week Haikus

Haikus about the first 2 weeks of the foundation::


It was a real breeze

We don’t ever want to leave

Let us do art please


Two weeks of college

Is a wonderful mind f**k

To be honest


It was amazing

Meet new people and new skills

Hope it really kills


I made some good friends,

on my day out to Southend

Hmm, how will this end?


Got in to college

Didn’t know what to expect

I have no regrets